Create a Display Wall That “Does it All” On a Budget DS13

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Originally Aired - Wednesday, June 8 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

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Location: W322-W324

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Title: Create a Display Wall That “Does it All” On a Budget DS13

Description: In this session, learn how James Madison University turned an ordinary classroom wall into a huge interactive canvas that can be used for distance learning, collaboration, interactive dance exhibitions, eSports and more, all on a budget. As the demand for more versatile learning spaces continues to grow for universities, AV and IT teams need ways to combine affordable technologies to allow classrooms to do many things. For instance, a classroom equipped for distance learning or hybrid learning may also need to be a place where students can collaborate on group projects. Performing art students may need a space with interactive backdrops for student dance and art exhibitions while that space may also be used as a place where eSports teams can practice and compete. And often times these spaces need to be designed on a tight budget. To support the varied needs of today’s college students and staff, higher education institutions must be able to provide versatile spaces that support collaboration and student engagement for a variety of uses. They must also ensure the technology is easy to use and doesn’t break the bank.

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Session Number: DS13